Information – Indoor Box

Registrations for 2018 are now open.  Contact the INLC office for additional details.

Indian Nations Summer Box program has been a major hit since 2014.  We have experienced exceptional growth and have over 450 participants come to play during the summer.

For the fifth season, we have secured Soccer City in Tulsa to host our league games.  Soccer City has two large fields and  two smaller K/1 fields.  The season will begin games on June 4th and will run till July 20th.  Fields are reserved on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday evenings.  These are subject to change if additional fields become available and as registrations warrant.

Registration are limited and taken on a first come first serve basis based on availability. 

Due to field availability, there are typically no practices associated with box lacrosse.  Teams are assembled based on proximity of the players home and/or school.  Reversible uniforms are distributed by the league.

Why Box Lacrosse?

Box is a very fast paced game which helps players work on their game immediately in front of the crease.  With small fields and walls for the ball to bounce off of, the game is extremely fast with very little stoppage of play.  This allows a player to develop the crucial inside game and forces quick shots and passes which are usually contested.  Therefore, it forces players to think quickly when on the field helping them to develop their overall game and increasing their abilities in field lacrosse.

New to Lacrosse?

If you have a athlete who would like to experience the joys of lacrosse for the first time, box may be a great start.  With little to no practice (due to field availability) and only 1 day per week, box takes the pressure of play and practice off players, parents and coaches to perform.  This allows new players to experience the joy of the sport without the added pressure of playing with experienced players. Also, with the rapid speed of indoor box it forces new players to pick up the movements of the game quicker than the outdoor version of the sport, thusly helping them make the transition quicker.  Lastly, with the field sizes being smaller and with having walls; new players do not have to worry about the long pass or the errant pass nearly as much.  If a ball is thrown high or low, a player can pick it up as it bounces off the wall.  For these reasons, we have heard numerous feedback from new players telling us it was a great place to start.