Indoor Rules

2017 INLC Indoor Rules



Players are not allowed to place any equipment on the walking paths in front of the glass at any time.  This has been a problem; please help us police the walk areas for safety.


Team Areas for Equipment:

The following areas are designated as staging for team meetings & equipment areas prior to the game.

Field 1 (North Field)
  • Home Team:  Northwest Corner
  • Away Team: East End (Near Goalie Equipment check-out)
Field 2 (South Field)
  •  Home Team: Southwest Corner (Near Restrooms)
  • Away Team: Southeast Corner (Near Goalie Equipment Check-out)



Team/Player Rules

  • Every player must be fully equipped with regulation equipment to set foot on the field. (Lacrosse helmet, chinstrap, mouthguard, cup, gloves, arm guards, & shoulder pads.)
  • First team listed on the schedule is the home team.
  • Home team will wear neon yellow and away team will wear gray
  • Teams must be ready to start at scheduled time.  Each team will provide at least one NOCSAE certified ball to be used during the game.  The home team will be responsible for clock operator on the sideline.
  • Game clock will begin at scheduled time. Game clock is two 20-minute running halves with a 5-minute half time and no over time.  1 timeout per half per team.  Clock runs during timeouts.  Clock only stops for injury timeout by official.  Not timeouts in last two minutes of game.
  • Coaches and players will be held responsible for cleaning the bench area after games.
  • Players must be wearing a league jersey or they will not be allowed to play
  • Each team must have a fully equipped goalie to begin a game. There will be goalie equipment supplied for team goalies prior to the game at the East end of the complex. A goalie must be present or chosen from the roster before games begin.


Game Rules

  • Checking—Any player who checks another into the boards will be assessed a 2-minute non-releasable penalty.  There are no take out checks allowed, no one-handed checks allowed, no high hits to the neck or head allowed.
  • Games begin with a face-off. One player in the offensive zone, one in the defensive zone, one face-off player, and a player on each wing. One goalie in the goal.
  • Cross checks will be allowed within one step of the opposing player that has the ball.  Moving picks and screens will be allowed.  This is intended to help players get more used to setting picks and rolling in the game of lacrosse across all age groups.  You cannot “push” off of the opposing player when setting a pick but your feet do not have to be set.
  • There will be 6 players on the field at one time. (5 short stick runners,1 goalie).  No defensive poles are allowed in box.
  • After each goal the ball will be brought back to mid line for a face off.  6-goal lead rule applied and losing team will receive possession at midfield.
  • OVER and BACK-Once the ball crosses into the offensive zone it cannot cross back over the midfield unless there is a change of possession. Even on a shot.  THERE ARE NO OFFSIDES IN BOX.
  • Shots into the soccer net will be automatically be awarded to the goalie.  Loose balls that go into soccer goal net will be awarded to the closest player.


Fighting will not be tolerated. Any player involved in a fight will be ejected from the game and suspended at least from the next scheduled game.  Abusive and bad language will not be tolerated by any player, coach or fan.  Immediate ejection will be enforced and additional suspension as required by the INLC Rule Book.  Remember, this season is to keep the players engaged in lacrosse, there is no “winner” of the season, scores will not be tracked/kept and there is no end of season tournament or trophy.  Any issues should be recorded on the scoresheet and Matt Cobb should be contacted immediately.  Soccer City will have security guards on location and they have full authority to handle any issues with fans, players or coaches.  Any fans, players or coaches asked to leave the facility will be conditionally suspended for the rest of the season and the INLC board will review the incident and modify the suspension as needed.  Please remember you are representing both your Lacrosse Member Program and the INLC.

Penalty time will begin on the officials whistle following the penalty.  Players will foul out with 5 minutes or three personal fouls.  Remember, penalty time is 1.5x and counts towards the total of 5 minutes in a game.