Field Lacrosse


Field Lacrosse is the traditional lacrosse program and is the first program implemented by the Indian Nations Lacrosse Conference (INLC).  Athletes in our Field Lacrosse program vary in grades from Kindergarten through 8th grade and are currently grouped together by grade.

Our K-2 program is played on field dimensions of roughly 53 yards by 30 yards (From traditional lacrosse sideline to sideline).  The program do not utilize goalies instead “Hectors” are used to cover the goals only allowing key shots on goal for the athletes enhancing their individual shooting skills.  As with all our Spring Lacrosse programs, the K-2 program is considered recreational in nature as coaches and players are bound by participation rules so everyone plays.

Our 3rd-8th grade Field Lacrosse programs are played on a traditional surface measuring roughly 110 yards by 53 yards.  Players are grouped by grades 3/4, 5/6 & 7/8 grades.  The program is considered recreational in nature as rules state every player must maintain a minimum amount of playing time per game.

Contact the INLC offices for more information on lacrosse.