Fast Lax Rules

4v4 Fast Lax – Fall Ball

  1. Field
    1. The field is 60 yards long and 30 yards wide
    2. The Goal is 6’x6’
  2. The Game
    1. The game is officiated by one (1) official
    2. There are no offsides penalties.
    3. A game will consist of two (2) 12-minute halves, running clock, no timeouts, and a 5-minute halftime. (Only officials can stop the clock).
    4. Games will start on the on the :15, :45 and :00 minute marks of the hour.
    5. Each team will shoot on their respective goals. Teams will switch after halftime.
    6. Initial possession will be determined by a faceoff or draw. Faceoffs will take place at the beginning of both halves.
    7. Alternating possessions will take place the rest of the game with a team gaining possession after a goal has been scored on their defensive goal. Goalies will retrieve the ball from the net, then make a full circuit around the goal and the team will then begin their possession.
  1. Official will whistle and signal that goal is good.
  2. Official will whistle to restart play.
    1. Teams will consist of one (1) goalie and three (3) field players. One field player from each team must be a long pole and only one (1) pole will be allowed on the field at a time. (Applicable only to 5th grade & above).
    2. Substitutions are on the fly.
    3. One Pass Rule – Teams must attempt one pass before going to goal.
  1. This pass must be in the offensive zone.
  2. The pass does not need to be caught, just attempted.
  • OPR isn’t applicable on fast breaks – Official’s discretion
    1. Stalling – Official’s discretion. The official will issue ONE warning and advise to attack the goal. If a team repeatedly stalls, it will result in a turnover.
  1. Stall warnings are not applicable during penalty time for either team.
    1. Out of bounds
  1. The ball is awarded to the team closest when the ball goes out of bounds due to a missed shot.
  2. If neither team has possession of the ball and the ball goes out of bounds, play will resume with a faceoff (Faceoffs only).
  • Ball is awarded to the opposing team if ball carrier is pushed out of bounds.
  1. Crease violations will result in a change of possession.
    1. Penalties & Fouls
  1. Penalties
    1. Technical Fouls: interference, holding, pushing and other technical infractions outlined in the NCAA rule book. On technical fouls, the ball is awarded at the end line and just inside the sideline.
    2. Technical Foul Enforcement: A technical foul results in a “man down” situation and the offending player will go to the sideline and remain there for 30 seconds or until one of the following events has occurred
      1. The opposing team scores one (1) goal
      2. The offending player’s team gains possession of the ball off a turnover. The player may then leave the penalty box, regardless if their penalty time has expired.
      3. Penalty time has been served.
    3. Personal Fouls are illegal body checking, slashing, tripping, and cross-checking as per age division appropriate interpretations. Any touch or “brush” of an opponent’s head or face with a stick or arm is an automatic Personal Foul. This should be strictly enforced. On a personal foul, the ball is awarded to the team against whom the foul occurred. All personal fouls result in a “man down” situation.
    4. Personal Foul Enforcement: the offender goes to the sideline and will remain there for 1-3 minutes (depending on the severity of the foul) until one of the following events have occurred:
      1. The offending player’s team gains possession of the ball (unless the penalty is locked in), off a turnover, regardless if their penalty time has expired.
      2. The opposing team scores two (2) goals.
      3. Penalty time has been served.
  1. Teams
    1. Teams will carry a minimum of 4 players, not including a goalie. (5th grade and above)
    2. Teams will carry a maximum of 8 players, not including a goalie. (5th grade and above)
    3. 5TH grade and above format will be 1 A, 1 M, 1 D and 1 G. (3 + G)
    4. K-4th will have a minimum roster size of 4 players, not to exceed a maximum of 10 players.
    5. Teams K-4th will play 4v4 with Hectors. (1 A, 2 M, 1 D)
    6. Teams 5th grade & above will carry at least 1 goalie.
    7. Teams 5th grade & above are recommended to carry at least 2 long poles.
  2. Registration & Fees (Coach, Team, Player)
    1. Registrations for all coaches and players will be online through Sportabase.
  1. Players must register online. Cost is $85.00/player until August 25, 2019. $100.00 thereafter.
  2. Player must have a valid, up to date US Lacrosse membership.
  • Assistant coaches must register online (Maximum of two (2).
  1. Head Coaches must register online.
    1. Players will not be allowed to be rostered on more than one team unless the League Director receives a written request from the team’s coach. Requests will be reviewed and either approved or denied.  
    2. Written requests must be submitted no later than September 1st, 2019.
    3. If a request is denied and the player is found to be rostered on more than one team, both teams will forfeit any games that the offending player has participated in. The Head Coach of the team(s) will also be suspended two (2) games for the infraction.
    4. All rosters for all teams must be submitted and players must all be registered and paid no later than September 1st, 2019.
    5. Players who register after September 1st, 2019 will be placed on teams according to their school, territory or requests during registration.
    6. Teams must submit a written roster listing player information prior to start of the Tournament. (Number, name, graduation year, US Lacrosse #)
    7. Coaching: A Head coach can register to coach as many teams as they would like, but must have at least one (1) coach on the sideline for each registered team’s games throughout the tournament.
  1. Grade Based – 2019/2020 calendar year students with proof of age grade (copy of birth certificate and/or progress report showing players current grade).
    1. Teams may combine grades, but all must combine up, not down (ex. 4th/5th).
    2. Players will not be permitted to play more than 1 grade up from their current one (ex. 4th playing up to 6th).
    3. Girls teams may combine grades as needed; but should try to form teams within the certain grade levels.
    4. Current Kindergarten/1st graders
    5. Current 2nd/3rd graders
    6. Current 4th graders
    7. Current 5th graders
    8. Current 6th graders
    9. Current 7th graders
    10. Current 8th graders
  2. Equipment:
    1. Boys Required Equipment
  1. Sticks – 40-42”, 38” minimum/60” maximum
  2. Mouth guard
  • Helmet
  1. Pads (rib & elbow/forearm as desired)
  2. Protective cup
    1. Girls Required Equipment
  1. Stick
  2. Mouth guard
  • Eyewear
  1. Uniforms: all teams are required to wear a matching reversible jersey that has one dark side and one white side with the players number on the back.
    1. Teams will not take the field with both teams in dark colored jerseys.
    2. Teams listed first on the schedule will be considered the home team and as such, should wear white for their games.
    3. Teams must supply their own reversible to use during the season. Teams needing uniforms may contact Kristin at the Tiger Den for uniforms for their team(s)  
  2. Season Format
  1. All teams will play 2 games per week = 10 games total.
  1. Policy
    • Any team that forfeits their game(s) will be required to pay a $50.00 fee for each game they do not play.
    • Forfeit fees may be paid by cash or check only and only to the League Director or in person at our office: Indian Nations Youth Sports, 1005 S. Main, Broken Arrow, OK 74012
    • The League has the sole discretion to determine if games should be cancelled due to weather (such as heavy rain, lightning, snow, high winds, extreme temperature). If there is drizzle/mist, we are still going to play as long as the threat of severe weather is not imminent.
    • If we cancel, we will notify you via email. Please check your security and spam setting to allow emails from us.
    • If we cancel, we will all post the announcement on our website and social media pages.
    • If a game is rained out, we will do our best to make up the game – THIS IS NOT GUARANTEED!!
    • In the event a team has a game(s) cancelled where others do not, the Director will review the divisions and team affected. Upon review, the Director will throw out the affected team’s lowest scoring game, unless it is a win.
    • Games may be shortened/cancelled at the discretion of the organizers to keep game times on schedule.