Commissioner’s Letter

Dear Parents and Players:

The Indian Nations Lacrosse Conference (INLC) was founded in 2013 with the mission to promote youth development through lacrosse by providing coaching, instruction and training to our players. We are committed to fielding teams in Oklahoma that will provide a positive, competitive environment for our organization.

The evolution of how lacrosse is consumed over the past several years has been extraordinary. Year-round lacrosse is no longer the exception to the rule, it is the rule. And while we support and encourage athletes to participate in multiple, different sports, we realize that there is a need for some sort of curriculum for players who wish to pursue lacrosse in the off season.

Due to this shift, INLC is now working on a year-round calendar to meet the needs and expansion of the game. We owe it to our current and future families to provide the highest level of service in fulfilling their desires to be the best well rounded lacrosse players they can be. Our mission for INLC is to provide a balanced approach to competitive club level lacrosse. We want and encourage our families to play other sports outside of the spring/summer season. In the fall and winter, we will train and participate in lacrosse activities that do not interfere with other sports. In fact, almost every high school and college coach expects their future players to be well rounded athletically as well as academically. We will keep this as a priority in our planning of sessions and leagues/tournaments.

One of the many things that makes us special and unique is the dedication and commitment of the volunteers that eagerly give their valuable time back to the sport and our organization. This support is evident in our past successes and will be even more critical as we embark into the world of competitive club lacrosse. Our quality volunteer coaching will continue to be critical for our recreational teams as well as the Select teams we hope to eventually form. We are very proud of our spring rec league, inaugural fall league and improving upon our summer indoor league. We are even more proud of seeing all our young athletes grow into fine lacrosse players and upstanding members of their community. It is always a pleasure to see our players “graduate” from INLC, to become high school lacrosse players and hopefully one day become NCAA Division I, II and III players and All-Americans, NCAA National Champions and MLL/PLL players and Champions.

INLC remains committed to fielding teams in the Spring Recreational League and growing the sport beyond the Tulsa and OKC Metro areas. For our families that only want the spring experience, we will continue that tradition. Our Select teams will compete at highly competitive levels, as well as challenge the best teams in the country in pre-season, in-season and post-season matchups and tournaments. The highest level of sportsmanship will be the foundation of all our teams at every level. The Lil’ Laxers program will be the launch pad for our youngest players to have the best initial lacrosse experience possible.

The INLC Board of Directors and all our volunteers appreciate the distinguished opportunity we have to coach your sons and daughters and teach them the game of lacrosse and hopefully some life lessons along the way. We remain committed to our mission to provide quality instruction with measurable results, all within the construct of a non-profit volunteer-based organization.

Yours in Lacrosse,

Michael C. Stroup

INLC Director